ricardo amaral is a swiss-portuguese photographer who currently lives and photographs in between switzerland and portugal.

He loves to interact with people. Therefore, he speaks (swiss-)german, portuguese, english, french, spanish and italian.
He grew up snowboarding the swiss alps, surfing the portuguese atlantic coast and skateboarding everywhere possible. Nowadays he dedicates himself more often to yoga practice.
After studying education at a swiss university of applied sciences, he worked for several years as a school teacher. In his teenage years he begun discovering his surroundings through action sports always accompanied by his camera. This led him to discover his passion and dive into photography. Eventually it became his occupation.
His deep curiosity for the human being and its environment deepened his ability in portraiture and documental photography. He is also very attracted to fine arts.
His positive and open-minded attitude combined with an infinitive curiosity transforms every challenge in an occasion to learn and create something meaningful.

all photos shown are available as prints.

if you have any inquiries or wish to contact me for work, please fill in the contact form.

mail: ricardoamaral.photo[at]gmail.com
phone: +41787158072 / +351918764293

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- photo by Kenton Thatcher - www.kentonthatcher.com -